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As of Friday, March 25, 2022, Audubon Trails has officially changed our trash and recycling vendor from GFL to Harter’s Lakeside Disposal. A few years ago, GFL acquired Advanced Disposal and has continuously increased service fees and assessed additional fees. They had freedom to increase costs at any time under the contract that previous Board members approved in 2018. While we were under contract until 2023, the current Board determined that switching to Harter’s would cover the $8,000 penalty to exit the contract in approximately one year. Our President was also able to negotiate an annual price increase cap of 3%, excluding the fuel surcharge which fluctuates with local gas prices. Therefore, it was an obvious choice to make the change.  Please know that we did receive legal consultation to ensure we weren’t misinterpreting the language in Harter’s contract given the substantial estimated savings. 

The entire association of residents will need to abide by a few new guidelines to keep costs in line with Harter’s base quote and avoid extra pick-up fees. We anticipate everyone’s cooperation as this vendor change can lead to much needed property/landscape upgrades and lower monthly HOA fees within 1-2 years!  Signs will be posted in garages soon for your reference. Please refer to our Association website: https://www.audubon-trails.com 



  1. All trash and recycling must be placed in the designated receptacle. Anything left around the receptacle will be removed and we incur an extra pickup fee per piece removed.
  2. As in the past, large items such as mattresses, any furniture, appliances of any kind, lamps, exercise equipment, etc. CANNOT be disposed of in Harter’s receptacles. Residents must personally take large items to a local dump.
  3. As with past vendors, hazard waste CANNOT be placed in any of Harter’s receptacles. Unacceptable item fees will be charged if any of these are disposed in Harter’s receptacles. Hazard waste includes lead acid batteries, fluorescent and incandescent lamps and/or ballasts, appliances, yard waste, radioactive waste, medical waste or flammable, explosive or “hazardous material”.
  4. No receptacle can be overloaded or we will incur fines. If the receptacle is full, please hold your trash or recycling in your garage space until the receptacle is emptied.
  5. Recyclables contaminated with other items are unacceptable and will be assessed additional fees.
    1. Plastic bags are NOT allowed. Recyclables have to be placed in the receptacle loose or in PAPER bags.
    2. All cardboard must be flattened, meaning boxes have to be broken down so they lie flat.
    3. All acceptable recyclables are noted on enclosed Central Wisconsin Recycling Flyer. Please save this in your unit as a reminder. It will also be posted in the garages and on our website as noted earlier. 
    4. If you aren’t sure, please call the number on the flyer or default to dispose as garbage. 

Any extra fees will be assessed to the applicable resident or evenly assessed to the entire building.  The Board does not want to assess residents, however we have a fiduciary responsibility and it is in everyone’s best interest to follow guidelines so that we can all reap the benefits in the near future. If you have any questions, please contact the Board at [email protected]