May 2019 News Letter

The May 2019 Executive Board / Association meeting will be held on Saturday May 18th beginning at 1pm at President Rachel Taylor's residence (1994). All unit owners / association members are encouraged to attend. This is your opportunity to be updated on current information regarding Audubon Trails, and have your voices heard. The agenda will include: Call to order, Attendance, Review of Minutes, Executive Board Report, Review and Update of Financial status from our Treasurer. We will also discuss all necessary facility maintenance, and landscaping issues for 2019.    

Nobel Fire Protection will be performing the annual flow test on the sprinkler system on Friday May 10th, 2019 between the hours of 7:30am to 10:00am. You will hear the fire alarms momentarily. Please to do not call 911 when you hear the alarms. If you have an in house emergency between those hours you can still call 911 and report your emergency. Advisory notices have been properly placed in all 3 buildings prior to the test.

The monthly association meeting was held at President Rachel Taylors residence on 05/18/19 at 1pm. Discussions included necessary landscape improvements and repairs contingent on available funds and priority. Several dog owners are in violation of our declarations and by-laws regarding extensive damage to the lawn outside their units, and dogs being tied up outside and left unattended. They will be notified to conform with by-laws, and / or be assessed extensive "non compliance" fees.  

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